Who Are The Bellefleurs?

The new line up.

The new line up.

Miss Rich-The Boss


Tanya is originally from Wolverhampton. She grew up surrounded by music and ‘loviness’ as her father was pianist with the Midland Light Orchestra based at the BBC and musical director for Pebble Mill at 1. Her mother was an actress, pianist, solo and backing singer, it is from them she gained an appreciation of jazz and classical music, and performing in general. She won her first singing competition at 5, bringing the house down, when asking for ‘Edelweiss in the Key of Eb please.’

She eschewed classical singing, piano, cello and Drama school though to Manage Punk legends Discharge in 1977 through till 1980. Her parents were delighted….!She also began working as a session and jingle singer.

Tanya is most known for being a voice over artiste, something she has been doing for the past 30 years-she is lucky enough to work every day:)

She has voiced everything from an animated sofa to the most corporate instructional videos for NASA and Governments throughout the world. She has an LLAM from LAMDA (gained externally) – which placated Mum a little! She also runs Ultravoice Master classes with Voice over Peter Dickson.

A lover of all things Gothic and Punk, and a of tight lacing and PVC…Tanya is easily recognisable with her ‘big’ purple hair -a feat of engineering!

She is married to ‘the most patient man on earth!’ and has a horse mad daughter.

Tanya formed The BelleFleurs after tiring of all the usual tribute trios out there, her mission is to subvert and amuse, in perfect harmony. Rammstein AND The Andrew’s sisters…why not?!

www.tanyarich.co.uk; www.ultravoice.tv

Miss Harbour-The Vintage Vixen

Kate Harbour is well known as being the voice of Wendy, Dizzy, Pilchard and more in “Bob the Builder”. Her fascination with character voices started when she first saw “The Muppet Show” and after performing ‘Halfway up the Stairs’ in front of her class, with her Kermit the Frog hand puppet, the scene was set for her lifetime of vocal theatrics!

Kate started dancing at the age of 4 and after training hard with The Arts Educational school Tring and the Central School of Ballet she landed her first coveted role of the back end of Maggie the Cow at Watford Palace! Always good to start at the bottom and work your way up! After a stint at bad paperwork as a receptionist and being a ‘Lauder’ girl for Harrods she finally landed a dream job as ‘Jammes’ (the ballet dancer) in Ken Hill’s “ Phantom Of The Opera”. It was the tour of a lifetime, not least because she got to choreograph her own part which she then taught to subsequent ‘Jammes’ on international tours. It was made all the more special as her father, actor Michael Harbour, was also in the show. They toured the UK , Japan and Manila prior to the West End run at The Shaftsbury Theatre. Over the last 20 years Kate has performed in a variety of genres from Cabaret ,”Cissy and Sal” to several West End Musicals including Cameron Macintosh’s “Oliver” , “Martin Guerre” and “Hey Mr Producer” to  various plays including Chekov’s “The Bear”. All the while providing voices for more animals and varied characters  for Aardmans “Shaun The Sheep” and “Timmy Time”.

Kate loves singing with The Bellefleurs as it combines all her favourite occupations singing acting to and choreography. Working with great people and oh, wearing fab outfits!.


Miss Bluebell-The Firecracker

Bluebell Spark was always going to end up a musician. Growing up with a professional musician for a father it was always ‘the norm’ that music paid the bills. After beginning teaching herself guitar at 5 years old she soon started collecting more and more instruments to play with and now has an ever growing collection at home (as well as tattooed onto whatever part of her body she can find some spare skin!)

So far this includes several electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitars including 4, 5 and 6 string basses, plus an electric double bass, cello, ukulele, keyboards, drums and a Celtic harp. she’d love a concert harp really but the baby grand piano takes up too much space in the music room.

She wrote her first opera at 12, received top marks in GCSE music at just 13, was a grade 8 cellist by 15, also started playing in bands at 15 and turned professional at 18. Known as ’Bluebell’ due to her unusual and completely natural hair colour (honest), she has spent most of her musical career as a bassist and singer in various guises touring around the UK and Europe, including solo, duo, 3-piece and 5-piece line-ups.

She loves playing and performing with The Bellefleurs so much because it allows her to really express her individuality and sense of humour musically. She’s even learning how to walk in high heels! Who knew playing with girls could be so much fun? 😉

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