Praise for The Bellefleurs.

Beauty, Comedy and Aural Sex: The Bellefleurs are a delight for all one’s senses*. I’m proud to say that every time I have worked with The Bellefleurs, they have been utterly loveable both on-stage and off. They perform well-known favourite songs with beautifully-arranged harmonies and a sharp comic twist. Like their gorgeous couture, each set is carefully planned to suit the show and the audience. And the proof? Why, the audience falls in love with them instantly! Do people talk during musical interludes? NOT when it’s The Bellefleurs! No, they listen,they laugh, they cry, then they break into thunderous applause. Perfect every time!
( *Although, I’ve never actually licked one of them, myself. But I have definitely seen people wanting to.)



Sarah Berger- Founder of the So & So Club

“The Bellefleurs were one of the highlights of the evening, glamorous , witty and polished entertainment. I am thrilled they performed at the launch of The So and So Arts club as they set the bar very high, and went down a storm.”


Andy Willis, owner of blue room studio and blueroom productions.

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with the lovely wonderfully talented Bellfleurs.  Working within my digital project studio on vocal and instrumental tracks has always been easy due to the professionalism exhibited and very much down to the talent of each individual member.
I can also add that in my 25 years working with some very talented musicians and engineers the Bellefluers stand out due to their professional yet fun attitude to their work.”


26th October 2012

From revellers attending All Hallows Eve at The Leopard Hotel, Burslem, Stoke on Trent:

Norman Gillmore: “First time I’ve ever seen you, fabulous show!”

Laura Taylor: “Fabulous Show”

Jeff McKeating:”Saw your gig at the Leopard in Burslem Stoke-on-Trent and just wanted to say you were really good and I hope you Gig around here again some time. Thanks for contributing to a great evening. A new fan”

From Chris Peace frontman for Hornswaggle:

“The wonderful Bellefleurs who where without doubt the hit of the evenig…stunning!….”

27th October 2012

Lux De Ville, Westway Cinema, Frome, Somerset…

Claudia Adrianna: You Ladies were fantastic last night

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