Goodbye to Miss Farmer, Hello to Miss Bluebell

So after our fantastic gig supporting the legendary Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip, we revealed to our audience that Miss Farmer was leaving to continue a separate musical career. This was a mutual decision, and we wish her well.

We also are happy to finally be able to introduce our new member Miss Emma Hopkinson-Spark…AKA as Miss Bluebell. With Emma’s fabulous voice, musical ability and performance pedigree, as well as her stylish look she will be the perfect third in our trio.

Although we had a bit of a jam session with Mik during his ‘The lights are on’ Track, you will get to see the new line up at The Chapel Arts Centre, Bath as part of Club Paradis on 21st December 2013.

Welcome to The BelleFleurs Emma!

Our new Top Soprano, from 16/11/13

Our new Top Soprano, from 16/11/13

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