The BelleFleurs are a Bath based trio, who take songs from Pop, Metal, Rock and Punk and ‘Fleurt’ with them….!

The BelleFleurs……How it all began….by Tanya Rich.

“ I love the close harmonies of 40’s groups like the Andrews Sisters and music of that era; but got so tired of hearing every girl group constantly doing the same type of material. So, as much as I enjoyed singing it, I wanted to combine my admiration and affection for this genre of music with my own love of Metal, Punk, Rock and some Pop.

My first task was to find two other broad minded and musical cohorts! My first choice to take the middle Soprano line was Kate Harbour. Friends, fellow voice over artists and singers, I knew Kate had the voice, stage presence and experience to fit those high heels…so after lots of persuading and many Vodkas, she agreed!

The Top Soprano part was solved after I had worked with Natalie Farmer singing in Cabaret shows. I knew that apart from having a great voice, Natalie was an accomplished writer, arranger and musician. She agreed to becoming the third BelleFleur…and the rest…we hope, will be a great future!”

Booking Enquiries Contact:-

themissrich@gmail.com or  thebellefleurs@yahoo.co.uk